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About Waywez

About Us
    About Waywez WayWez.comis a proprietary project issue B2B trading developed and owned by Ideas company for high-tech solutions ( Ideas Company (Central Registration System no: 0086006900900019, and Trade Registry no: 341420-0) is located in ikitelli, Istanbul, Turkey. WayWez is one of those projects that targets businesses and traders from different countries. The website will work as a catalog for a variant of products. With our wide network, we can reach out to any product that is in the Turkish market, with best quality and most suitable price. WayWez is a B2B platform that provides services for wholesales traders all over the world with Turkish products. WayWez was built to replace the traditional process of buying and shipping products from turkey to their countries with a digitalized solution. A platform with a big database of hundreds of Turkish factories and companies with their products to serve its users.

WayWez Vision:

On this path we have started with the mindset of growth and expansion, our central vision is to spread our business to all Middle East and Africa, and to be among the top 5 B2B companies in Turkey by 2025.

WayWez Missions:

  • Connecting exporters, wholesalers, and any B2B institution to the diverse Turkish market by providing our 30+ years of knowledge and experience in international trade.
  • Building solid, safe, and long-term relationships with our customers by facilitating before-sales and after-sales services.
  • Simplify the complex processes of finding suitable products, with the best price from well-known sellers.

WayWez Services:

  • Business tourism.
  • Finding the best seller.
  • Making price negotiations.
  • Writing the needed legally contracts & agreements.
  • Quality controls.
  • Packaging, shipping, and customs services.
  • End-To-End tracking logistical processes.

WayWez Values:

  • Trust.
  • Long-term and solid relationships.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Transparency.
  • On-time delivery.

WayWez Teams:

  • Alfedaa Sabbar: Project Manager.
  • Burhan Demir: Sales Team.
  • Ali Ibrahim: Sales Team.
  • Rawan Alkasim: Marketing Team.
  • Tesnim Altaie: Marketing Team.
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